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Visual UI UX Design iLearn
  • Journey Boost | Talent Peformance Low Fidelity
  • Journey Boost | Talent Peformance
  • Journey Boost | Talent Peformance High Fidelity Prototype
  • Business Start Up | HR Learning Solution Platform
  • bSwift | Benefits Platform (Clickable Prototype)
  • Allstate | Gateway Portal - Visual DesignSenior of 3 designers and CSS owner, led the interface user testing and guided multipe C-level stakeholders through an interative reduction design selection process.
  • IBM (MicroMuse) - Dashboard UI Shell for Netcool Enterprise Suite
  • IBM (MicroMuse) - Dashboard UI study (1) for Netcool Enterprise Suite
  • IBM (MicroMuse) - Dashboard UI study (2) for Netcool Enterprise Suite
  • Allstate Agency Gateway Portal | Clickable Prototype: Billing History
  • Allstate Agency Gateway Portal | Clickable Prototype: Policy Details
  • Allstate Agency Gateway Portal | Clickable Prototype: Activity Log

Experience Design

IxD Interaction Experience Design

  • Agile prototyping
  • Remote user testing
  • Centric designing


Visual Design

Visual Creative Visual Design

  • Progressive innovation
  • Dashboard interface
  • Re-usable templates


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iLearn Boosting Performance

  • Assess peformance gaps
  • Blend bundled solutions
  • Track & Measure competency


eLearning Developer 
Developed eLearning solutions through a variety of tools & methods: Flash/Actionscript, Storyline, Captivate, Javascript, Camtasia, Photoshop, Illustrator, SCORM/XML, HTML 5, CSS 3, After Effects, Premiere, Audacity.

​Digital Art Director
Navigated teams of up to five Web Designers with a focus on user-centered design and true-to-design integration. Consistently brought to life a variety of web sites for multiple business ventures. 

Learning Media Consultant
Guided client on authoring tool, visual design & technical development best practices for Employee Orientation courseware project (Flash + activity tracking).

Learning Media Consultant
Interface designer, visual content and HTML technical courseware integration for PHP-based LMS Corporate Diversity training. 

Sr. Visual Designer
Created and integrated new visual interface for client-facing .net site using CSS and Photoshop.

E-Learning Consultant for Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL
Provided visual/interface design solutions and developed e-learning intervention coursewares using an assortment of applications for bundled deliverables and aggregate tracking/scoring.

​Learning Media Developer

​Developed functionality for HIPAA training course with custom onsite implementation support using Flash/ActionScript & Photoshop.

Interactive Visual Designer
Designed, developed and maintained interactive product catalog (Adobe FrameMaker). Produced 3-dimensional product animation (Softimage, Maya, Premiere).

Multimedia Developer
Produced JSP embedded Flash/XML remoting for this returning client; worked with ActionScript & JavaScript for  promotional product website.

Business Owner
Placed and managed 3 year employee as fulltime Front End Developer onsite consultant.

Learning Media Developer
Designed & developed e-learning courseware with facilitated voice over recordings, branching and self-paced content logic.

Learning Media Consultant
Progress tracking & scoring via developing 9 modules with nested architecture. Integrated course for live Moodle courseware testing.

Senior Designer (Multimedia)
Designed and developed web sites and stand-alone multimedia “pitch decks” for client presentations

Business Owner & Web Developer

​Managed designer resources and directly developed front end integration for multiple web sites.

Lead Visual Design Consultant
Consulted 5 months on site at Manpower's main headquarters as the lead visual designer and front end integration specialist to develop in-house corporate e-learning. Returned back for phase II of the project.

User Interface Designer
​Produced multiple user interface design concepts for MicroMUSE (acquired by IBM).

Business Startup | Photography Boutique

As Co-owner and Marketing Director, launched Embracing Moments Photography boutique studio in 2006, which continues to thrive as a small sustainable business in Chicago's near north side.

Business Startup | Consulting Group

As Co-owner and Technical Consultant, launched Intecreative Group LLC. Provided on-site consulting services through a 4 year period, engaging client-direct with Manpower & Orbitz.